Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Determination Is The Ultimate Learning Tool

As money and outer resources are not everything, it takes something more. Let me give you an object lesson in that fact. Sure, you can have books, computers, all kinds of "thinking tools" and the like. But, what is the greatest learning tool within you? I will say it with my answer from the beginning of this article, your own determination and productive creativity. Without that resource, all tools and gadgets are nothing but useless objects of art that would have a use if you could think how to use them.

But, in all reality, the best of us and the worst of us has the capacity for productive imagination. The best uses it right, and the worst uses it wrong to harm themselves and others consciously or unconsciously. I put it so simply for the best of us without any embellishment, because that is it, they use it right, it is that simple. But the worst of us make excuses for why it is used wrong, even if it is unconsciously destructive or consciously destructive. Unconscious wrongness is the worst, because usually when that happens, you do not even know you are wrong, and you close your mind to the right for fear of being wrong unless you do have a genuinely open mind to correct yourself in time. But, it cannot matter how things are looked at subjectively, there is a right way to do things and there is a wrong way to do things.

It is always simpler to do them consciously right from the initial stages instead of make excuses for "why they were done wrong by default". Weak people make excuses, strong people understand and can actively and honestly without shame correct themselves. That is why everybody loves a winner, and hates a loser even when they claim to be lazy and weak themselves". Everyone is a good learner who can depend on their determination to make them work and learn productively. In fact, I can honestly say that is what makes a genuinely masterful person or the highest amount of determination makes the most masterful person. That is the only thing that seems miraculous about any master or person who "wins big" and "makes good". They make themselves the best through their work ethic and creative productivity. But then, I cannot give this answer to making a loser into a winner enough, because that is how it all really is. Everybody starts out at zero and goes up the accomplishment scale for the best or worst. That is my point.

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